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This is a discussion about weight loss and how I lost 50 pounds and never put the weight back on. I’m 64 and yes I did gain weight when I was in my 30’s and when I was in my 40’s I realized I had to loss weight and I did. I lost 50 pounds and I still weigh 175, the same as I did in  High School. It’s a lifestyle change and I’ll show you how.

I gather the best information available from mags, websites and newsletters and post the information I think you’ll want to read. I post articles about different diets, what is working and what’s not. Articles about why we have trouble losing weight and what we can do about it. And posts about why we gained weight and how we can fix it. I don’t promote products or diets that want you to buy pills or food, but I do believe in healthy eating, so I do write a lot about healthy food and exercise. I try to post 4 times a week but sometimes I do get busy and miss a couple, but if you read my posts regularly I think you’ll get some valuable information.

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