Weight Loss Scams

I read through dozens of newsletters and posts from weight loss websites and many of them are selling something. Every site or every company has something their pushing and they’re taking advantage of people who have been trying to lose weight for years without success. I want to try to change your mind about losing weight. It’s really easier than you might think.

Your need to forget about anything you think you know about weight loss, and get back to the basics. Losing weight is all about your diet and your activity level. We’ll start from scratch, the biggest mistake people make is that they don’t want to give up the food they love, the food they grew up with. That’s the mistake. You have to give up all the food you love, and that’s the truth. You have to start your life over, there’s no easy way, no short cuts. You can be a much healthier person with more energy and less body fat. You’ll look better in clothes and you’ll look better when you look in the mirror. You’ll be a happier person. Your battle with weight is really about losing your fat.

I thought I had 40 pounds to lose and I cut my calories and I lost the weight, but I was still fat. So what happened? The weight you lose on a diet is body mass which is part water weight, part muscle, and part fat. I know the first thing your thinking about. How could I lose my muscle? Your body has thousands of muscle and most of them we don’t use. The muscles your don’t use get flabby and shrink, the muscles you use grow. Your body is constantly changing. Those flabby muscles that shrink will lose weight, excess water will disappear, and you will lose a little fat. But when you lose 10 pounds on your diet only about 3 pounds is actually fat.

It doesn’t cost money to lose weight, it just takes a willingness to do it. I started by reading about weight lose. I read everything I saw and everything I could find on the internet. Now I’m a busy guy who doesn’t have a lot of free time but there’s nothing on TV anymore and I’m not into social media person so after dinner I browse the internet for good websites.

Back when I first started to investigate weight loss there wasn’t as much information available, but today health food, celebrity diets and new diet pills are all the rage. Be careful about the information you believe. Losing weight is simply eat food that your body can use as fuel to create energy. That’s called burning calories. The trick is to burn more than you eat and only eat calories that your body can burn. Why often wonder why we are addinf fat and it’s pretty simple. We are eating food our body can’t use and so it gets stored as fat in our fat cells never to be seen again. It’s not really about the fat your eating, it’s about the food you eat that your body can’t use, so it stores it and the only way your body stores excess is to store it in fat cells.

For example, bagels have some nutritional where donuts have not nutritional value but even eating bagels will add fat if you eat more than the body can metabolize.

So how many calories do I burn? That a guessing game. Everyone’s different and everyone will burn a different amount of calories. The body works in “real-time”, your body will burn food for energy as it uses it. Medical science can only give us averages. They take a large group of people and give them the same amount of food and keep checking their weight and decide if they are losing weight or gaining weight and adjust their food until there is no weight changes and then they can assume that’s the proper amount of calories. So it’s not an exact science but they have no other way.

What makes this hard to guess is that you might be the same size as someone else in your group but if you have more body fat you will burn fewer calories and if you move less than the next person you’ll burn fewer calories.  The more you sit, the fewer calories you burn and there can be only small differences in behavior but it will make a difference in the number of calories we burn.

So how do you lose weight? Start over with your food. You need to start living like and athlete in training because that is what it’s going to take. You need to get into shape by starting a training program. Buy only fresh fruits and vegetables. Shop twice a week for the fresh stuff. When you have a list you can get in and out quick. The other stuff is a little more difficult. Some Diet Gurus will tell you to avoid dairy except for Greek Yogurt and get protein from some meat but mostly fish and protein powder like the kind you use in protein shakes. It’s plant-based protein which is said to be healthier than animal protein. And I can understand that Animal protein has some animal fat mixed with it and animal fat is what you’re trying to avoid.

I know what your thinking, I’m too old or I’m too heavy, or I don’t have the time. I understand that we are all busy in our own way, but you changing the way you eat doesn’t take time and you don’t have to join a gym or even work out for hour a day. You need to change what you do. Spend more time walking, less time sitting. Sitting will slow down your calorie burn. Stop snacking or at least snack on things with nutritional value like a yogurt cup, almonds, or fruits like apples.

I like the Mediterranean plan or sometimes called the food pyramid. You can find examples on my Home Page or on the internet. I make my food choices from the pyramid. There’s no calories to count and you eat all you want, just stick to the pyramid and get in all the walking you can. I recommend 10,000 steps a day. This exercise plan has been around for a while and it works. It’s great for beginners and because most people only take about 5000 steps a day you’ll double your active level and lose weight. The diet will give you all the energy you need and in a few weeks you’ll be losing weight and you’ll start to feel good again.

If you really want to lose the extra flab you can get help, I write 4 blogs and I’ve written two E-books. Read some of my other blog posts.


E-books are the easiest and cheapest way to learn about any subject without groping through hundreds of websites looking for the material you want.

My first e-book is “HowBadDoYouWantToLoseWeight” and it sells for $2.99 on most online bookstores like Amazon.com, BN.com, iBook, Kobo.com, Scribd.com, and Gardner books in the U.K.

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