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Portion Control

There’s no set rule for food intake. A rule of thumb is that you should not eat more calories than you burn. Burning calories is governed by the amount of activity you have that day. That’s why your weight can … Continue reading

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The Paleo Diet

The Promise Eat like a caveman and shed pounds. They call it the caveman diet because you can’t eat anything that a caveman wasn’t eating. That’s the theory behind the Paleo Diet. If you haven’t heard of this diet you … Continue reading

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Dieting Is The Secret To Losing Weight

You can sweat in the gym all you want, nothing will help you lose weight more than changing your diet. I said before to stop eating the foods that caused you to gain that weight and change. You’ve hear about … Continue reading

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Added sugar in your Diet can cause heart trouble.

The following is taken from an article just published online last month that high-lites the dangers of added sugar. Processed foods and flavored bottled drinks all have added sugar or some type of sugar substitute and 0 calorie drinks are … Continue reading

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The Hidden Costs of Being Overweight

More than 69 percent of Americans are overweight. The problem is a serious health threat to Americans. Obesity is now classified as a chronic disease by the American Medical Association. Most people are aware of the health problems being overweight … Continue reading

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Love Your Body at Any Size

No matter what your scale says, being comfortable in your own skin is up to you. It can be tough, in a society that prizes unrealistic images. But it’s possible, and it starts with what you say when you look … Continue reading

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