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Lose Weight Naturally

I wrote yesterday about making a lifestyle change as a way to lose weight.  There has been much written about the Mediterranean Diet, it’s not a real diet with set rules about your everyday meals. It’s a lifestyle of eating … Continue reading

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More on BMI

Why are we all talking about BMI? I wrote about this recently but I just found this article today and I think it explains why your BMI number should concern you. This number will affect the way your doctor treats … Continue reading

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How To Eat Out

If you’re a health conscious individual, you likely cringe at even the mention of fast food. I know I do. We all know that fast food for the most part is REALLY bad news, so if you’re going to go “out to eat”, whatever … Continue reading

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Yo-Yo Dieting

Is Weight Cycling or Yo-Yo Dieting Harmful? Weight cycling is the repeated loss and regain of body weight. When weight cycling is the result of dieting, it’s called “yo-yo” dieting. Weight cycle can range from small weight losses and weight … Continue reading

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Concentrate on improving your health and the rest will work out. What do I mean? Worrying about the problems in your life will cause you to forget about the big picture, but that’s really a backward way to handle the … Continue reading

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The Fast Diet

The Promise “Fast,” in this case, is not about speed. It’s about fasting. This is a diet I heard about on WebMD and I think It’s worth reading. Check out their website “”. They sell books but you can get enough … Continue reading

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CAN’T LOSE WEIGHT, don’t beat yourself up

An earlier post was about heredity and how some weight conditions can be caused from your family genes, but I believe it’s more about your family history. The food you ate the first few years of life. We don’t really … Continue reading

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