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I found this article in a health mag and I copied a portion for my blog. There are definite benefits some foods have and then there are foods with no nutritional benefits. I call these artificial foods. Artificial foods are … Continue reading

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The Only Yogurt You Should Eat

Did you know that almost ALL yogurts are flat out bad news for your waistline? “Light” yogurts, for instance, are absolutely terrible for you, and for more reasons that one. Remember there a manufactured food. First, most “light” yogurts are … Continue reading

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About Exercise

Exercise is a big part of losing weight, but I don’t mean you have to sweat it off. You can lose weight without any exercise just by maintaining a proper diet. But if you don’t want to look like a … Continue reading

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How To Stop Over-Eating

Did you know that most people fail to stick to their diet plans because of what I call “automatic eating”? That’s eating that seems to be outside your control, because it’s generated by the unconscious part of your mind. And what’s the main … Continue reading

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A Good Diet Is The Secret

I said before about stopping the way you eat and change. You’ve hear about the French and that the French have a diet that would put weight on any American, but their thin. The men and women of all ages … Continue reading

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