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About weight loss

We all lose weight for different reasons. Some lose weight for health reasons, your doctor is pushing you. Maybe like me your spouse is pushing you. Maybe you feel funny at work because your co-workers stare, talk behind your back. … Continue reading

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Fasting Diets

Fasting diets are popular right now, but will they help you lose weight?  Maybe but I don’t recommend them. I never knew anyone who lost weight and kept it off. Fasting isn’t anything new, but recently people have used fasting … Continue reading

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Weight loss programs and exercise

Originally posted on HOW BAD DO YOU WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT:
You can’t maintain your goal weight without exercise. I know I talked about exercise and diet working together to reach your goals. But both exercise and diet will have…

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My last post was about heredity and how some weight conditions can be caused from your family genes, but I believe it’s more about your family history. The food you ate the first few years of life. We don’t really … Continue reading

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Are we responsible for being overweight?

The following is part of an article I read in the WELL BLOG in the NY Times. It’s totally factual and is well worth reading. This will explain what people go through when trying to lose weight. Some people just … Continue reading

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Want to loss 10 pounds fast?

Have you made a resolution to lose weight? If you’re like many dieters, you’ll spend less time setting your weight loss goals and more time shopping for the best weight loss program, joining a gym or learning tips for healthy … Continue reading

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