Weight loss tips for men

Guys, do you want to look like Daniel Craig in Skyfall?  How would you like to have a body like Chris Hemsworth in Thor: The Dark World?  Well, I can’t promise you their physiques, but I can give you advice from the man who is paid to look like them. Bobby Holland Hanton was the stunt double for both Daniel Craig and Chris Hemsworth in those films. He has also doubled for leading actors and performed stunts in The Dark Knight Rises, Snow White and The Huntsman and Captain America: The First Avenger.
 I found this article online and it’s worth a read. In a previous post I talked about how staying in shape is a lifestyle and we don’t talk enough about that. This article is about a guy who makes his money from staying fit. If you read between the lines you’ll see he’s just a guy who takes care of himself and in his offseason he does very little to maintain it. I say very little because offseason he doesn’t spend hours in the gym, but he does exercise and most of that is simple body weighted exercise, like push-ups and sit-ups for example, but there’s dozens of good ones, just Google and pick the ones you like. But if you read thru the whole article I think what he eats and how much is the key.
Gaining weight beyond your ideal weight will only age your body. Adding fat and increasing your body weight will cause stress on your joints, and adds extra work for your heart. I believe that your heart works real well for say one trillion beats. I just made up the number to illustrate a point. Your heart should beat 60 to 70 times a minute at rest. It will also increase to 180 if necessary when exercising.
The point of regular exercise is to be able to exert strength when working, like manual labor without your heart rate going sky high. Over 200 is too high and can cause damage. And if your overweight and out of shape your heart rate at rest will be over 100 beats per minute. This is also wearing out the heart. Remember, I think the heart will stop after it reaches it’s life spans of, for example, 1 trillion beats. Remember, read between the lines and you’ll see how his simple lifestyle keeps him in good condition without living in a gym.
Maintenance and Consistency
When Bobby is not training for a specific role, he still maintains a fit physique.  For him that means keeping a medium build so that he can lose weight quickly or build muscle fast for a new role.  “I like to stay as fit as possible. If I can keep a medium athletic build, it’s the easiest to way to have a body that can go in either direction.” So what does this mean for the mere mortal man who just wants to look decent at the gym?  It’s a good reminder that maintenance matters.  Do your best to maintain a reasonable level of fitness at all times so that when you want to slim down fast or bulk up for a big event, you’re not starting from scratch.
Schedule shorter workouts when you’re busy and don’t fall into a beer-and-nachos rut during football season.  Consistency will pay off in the long run. The Clean, Real Food Diet Bobby said that the hardest part of bulking up for his role in Thor was eating the strict diet that helped him build a Chris Hemsworth-like body.  To lose fat and maintain muscle, Bobby ate a clean diet of lean protein and healthy fats.  What did he eliminate?  “I had to reduce sugar, starchy vegetables, and most fruit. I would eat a banana or two after a workout, or some blueberries, but not every day,” he said.
This uber-fit stuntman is not a fan of supplements, protein powders or bars. “I like to eat real food,” he says.  Typically, he eats a healthy diet of lean protein like turkey and tuna, clean carbs like sweet potatoes or quinoa and healthy fats from foods like avocado and nuts. When Hanton needs to lose weight quickly, he uses intermittent fasting to slim down.  “I’ll do 9 hours on and 15 hours off,” Bobby says, explaining his eating plan. “I cut down on carbs but still eat protein and healthy fats and reduce my calorie intake.” If that sounds too difficult to maintain, rest assured that even Hanton needs a break.  He uses cheat days or cheat meals to cope. “Usually Sunday is my cheat day,” he says, “but if I’m in training for a specific scene, I might have a cheat meal instead of a cheat day.”  He goes on to explain the value of these breaks. “I think cheats are important to help spark your metabolism,” he says,  “if you eat too clean all the time, your body gets lazy.”
Smart Training with Body Weight
You might imagine that a man who needs to lose body fat fast or build muscle quickly would have specialized workout equipment to help him shape his physique. But Bobby Holland Hanton doesn’t. He has a background in gymnastics and is a big fan of body weight exercises. “It’s all I know,” he says, “and it works.” He explains that he does exercises like push-ups, pull-ups and chin-ups to build muscle, “and then I might isolate one body part with dumbbells,” he says. “To add a slice of cardio, I might do treadmill intervals or swimming.” Schedule a Healthy Body Routine Keeping a body like Hanton’s in shape requires more than just a good diet and exercise program. The stuntman also talks about the importance of his daily routine. From his morning shower, to his scheduled workouts, to his restful night – it’s these lifestyle habits that keep him camera-ready. I shower first thing in the morning with products that don’t irritate my skin. Bobby is currently working with Dove Men+Care and uses the Body Wash and Shampoo to keep his skin and hair looking and feeling good even when movie-set hair and make-up products do damage. He also takes time to prepare food so that he has healthy choices on the go. “When I travel, there are certain things I like to have with me.” He packs berries, natural nuts like almonds, bananas and water. “I might also cook the night before and prepare things like eggs or grilled turkey or chicken.” So what are Bobby Holland Hanton’s best tips for men who want to lose weight, bulk up and look like they are in the movies? “Start your day with a high protein breakfast within 30 minutes of waking,” he says. Hanton leaves the carb-rich foods for the second or third meal of the day. “And get enough sleep. I’d even recommend taking a 20 minute nap in the middle of the day.”
Of course, most men don’t have the incentive that Bobby Holland Hanton has to keep a star-quality body. But any guy can use his tips to slim down and maintain muscle to be a super hero in his own home. It’s all true, you don’t need expensive trainers or a kitchen full of food supplements. The secret to taking care of yourself is to spend time working on “you”. After a few weeks you will have changed your lifestyle and become a better person who feels great every single day. I’m retired now but I still feel like I’m 40.

It’s all about what you eat and how much you eat.

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